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E-Colors Certified Practitioner™ Program

Grow your Business as an
E-Colors Certified Practitioner™

What is an E-Colors Certified Practitioner?

As a licensed E-Colors Certified Practitioner, you’ll gain access to the emerging E-Colors Personality Framework with groundbreaking results at the individual, team, and organizational level at a significantly lower price than other established and archaic personality technologies. 


Join a global community of facilitators, coaches and consultants who are making a difference in our society. Practitioners all over the world are having a positive impact on their clients, communities, teams and organizations through our simple yet highly applicable tools. Start your journey to join the E-Colors global practitioner community today.

The E-Colors are Trusted by Leading Brands...

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Why Become an E-Colors Certified Practitioner™?

  • Work with a modern and flexible company – we’ll ensure the content works for you!

  • We actually care about your success

  • Updated for modern times, aligned with emotional intelligence and discouraging profiling

  • Transparent, flexible pricing that adapts to your circumstance

  • Live training and Certification process – work with your assigned coach

  • Simple, practical and applicable content

  • We’ll help you market and get clients

  • Personalized co-branded merchandising


Who Qualifies to Become Certified?

​As an E-Colors Certified Practitioner, you gain access to the most practical & applicable personality diversity tool available on the market that your clients can leverage to foster better communication and engagement with their colleagues, increasing teamwork and collaboration, and more successfully navigating change in this fast-paced environment.  



Having an in-depth understanding about emotional intelligence and self-awareness is the foundation for being an extremely effective coach. All coaching journeys start with understanding who we are and where we are at.  

In a Meeting


As a consultant, you help guide your clients through their unique challenges they might be facing in their ever-changing environments.

Having a suite of emotional intelligence and leadership tools can make all the difference in your client's success.



If you want to be able to deliver the most highly impactful training and provide your clients with experiences that support their learning and development needs.

Having a high degree of self awareness and being an effective communicator is foundational to successful training.  



If you help your people grow inside of their roles and inside of the organisation, you are a people professional.

It's one thing to be more aware of one's strengths and potential limiters. You also need to be able to apply this knowledge to deliver even better performance.

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Some Testimonials

"Becoming an E-Colors Certified Practitioner™ has provided me with a simple and impactful methodology to facilitate the beginning of the journey towards self awareness and of next steps in the coaching process. Beyond this aspect, I use the Premium E-Colors report for both individual and team coaching, with very positive results in a few sessions.” 

—  Lynn Kachmarik, President True Brand Sports, USA  

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Get Started

See if you qualify to become an E-Colors Certified Practitioner™ and get your first 10 FREE reports on us! We look forward to showing you how the E-Colors Personality approach will help you obtain more clients and deliver better results. Please fill out the form below and schedule an initial exploration conversation.

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E-Colors Certified Practitioner™ Program

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