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Join one of our courses to improve your skillset and gain access to tools that will help you get better results.

Succeed with Personality Diversity Online Course

Our foundational course to guide you to success leveraging our core tools. This course includes:

  • Over 3-hours of content, broken up into 45 lectures

  • Test your knowledge

  • Personality Diversity User Certificate

Advanced Error Reduction in Organizations (AERO) Basics

Our AERO course will guide you through the basics of our Error Reduction technology. The course includes:

  • Over 3-hours of content, broken up into 16 lectures

  • Test your knowledge

  • AERO User Certificate

Health Care: 

Intentional Communications to Overcome Crisis

This specialized Health Care course will guide you through how to communicate intentionally overcome crisis. The course includes:

  • 75-minute Masterclass

  • 3 Facilitators

  • Video-Based

We are a team of personality diversity specialists spanning six continents. We travel the world serving clients while remaining connected through a common goal to help others elevate their performance and realize their potential.

Each one of us possesses the talent and ability to facilitate, consult, coach and mentor for optimal results. We embody the Equilibria core value of People First.

Interested in becoming a certified practitioner or licensee?

Please contact us and one of our Personality Diversity experts will be in touch very soon. 

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