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Our team development specialized workshops are now online. Using the latest collaboration technology we are able to provide great valuable and while keeping audiences engaged.


Contact us to organize one of the following workshops with your team. All workshops are custom built to meet your logistical requirements and fit your particular industry needs.


We also provide professional online meeting facilitation services to help you achieve your specific goals and objectives.

Hands Up

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

As you will have gathered by now, much of Equilibria’s work is founded on the appreciation that different personalities view the world through different lenses.


Without understanding this perspective, there is little chance that there will be a sense of respect for diversity and inclusion, both of which are needed to create a greater sense of belonging.

In this online workshop you will both learn many aspects of basic diversity and inclusion fundamentals as well as experience a unique opportunity to examine your own biases and how they impact how you interact with others.

Team Meeting

Team Tune-up Process

After several months of a team working together, having previously gone through a Team Start Up, there is now an opportunity to introduce the Team Tune Up process.

The objective is to continue to build more self and team awareness by providing a non-threatening environment for a constructive conversation between each team member by giving feedback, utilizing E-Colors information in the E-Colors and Personal Intervention e-book. This will allow each team member to better understand how they can contribute as individuals and as team members, recognizing how they best contribute and how they can potentially disrupt teamwork.

Navigating in Woods

Shared vision and Values

Shared Vision and Values is the basis of a team’s cohesiveness and a key area in which team members practicing Intentional Leadership must reach alignment. High performance teams attain great results by ensuring that all team members are aligned with the Vision and Values of the team or organization.

Every team member should be familiar with and have a strong connection to the team’s Shared Vision and Values. Intentional Leaders find multiple opportunities to engage, inspire and influence the sharing of the team’s Vision and Values, so that the Vision and Values are indeed shared by all.

Volunteer Team

Team Start-up Process

The objective of this proactive process is to facilitate the building of team relationships and learn how to work with one another. To empower and enable the team with more self and team awareness to start team cohesiveness and collaboration that will enable members to better contribute as individuals and as team members.

When new teams are created, new leaders change out or large team turn-overs occur in an existing team, there is a need to start-up the team with the right foundation of creating self and team awareness by the use of the tools outlined in Equilibria’s Team Start Up process.

Young Businesswoman

Intentional Leadership Programs

Intentional leaders possess high levels of self and team awareness. Possessing both intellectual and social intelligence, they practice mindfulness and are thoughtful and deliberate in their actions. They bring people together by creating a strong team culture, aligning attitudes, behaviors and activities in pursuit of a common goal. They develop and deploy a practical and functional team compass (shared Mission, Vision, Values and Strategies).

Equilibria has developed a significant suite of coaching tools that encompass  several aspects of an intentional leader’s role, each tool and application building on the previous one.

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Clarity of Roles and Processes

Clarity of Roles and Processes is the Essential by which team members establish a clear understanding of their own and each other’s roles on the team and the processes for fulfilling them.

Understanding how personality impacts roles and processes, both for managers or non-managers, will elevate a team’s performance.

Each team member should be involved in achieving clarity, not only regarding their own role and processes, but those of every other team member.

House Viewing

Influencing & Commitment

Intentional leaders are always on the lookout for how to best gain commitment from their teams. In this workshop we will share different approaches on how to best influence those with whom we work. As previously mentioned particularly relevant to how different personalities both influence and how they are prepared to be influenced.


A good example of this is an effective tool for achieving Commitment on a team is to provide explanations in terms of the various information filters that people with each dominant E-Color tend to prefer. All of this will become apparent when you go through this module.

Man behind Broken Glass

Self and Team Awareness

Self and Team Awareness is the most fundamental of the Essentials, and it forms the foundation on which all of the other Essentials are built. Awareness of yourself and everyone else on your team is both the first and, in a sense, the ultimate step in creating a high-performance team.

Having a clear understanding of yourself (including your competencies, strengths, potential limiters and passions) as well as those of your teammates is essential to becoming a high-performance team. We should start with ourselves and then involve every one of our teammates. And in fact, you can apply what you learn in this Essential to improve your relationship with every person you know.

Hands Up


Accountability is key to ensuring not only that commitments are met, but that the behavior by which team members meet them is appropriate and aligned with the Team Compass.

All team members should be involved in Accountability. A key feature of high - performance teams is that team members are accountable not only to the team leader, but also to each other.


Building high-performing teams and creating inclusive cultures is what we do.

Call or email us for custom coaching solutions to fit the needs of your team.

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